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DE-Infinity AllStar Cheer and Tumble Programs and Pricing



PLEASE NOTE: Registration for all athletes and new comers are available. Accepting boy/girl 3-17 years of age!! Anyone may register at anytime!!  

* $40.00 per cheer and tumbler

   (No sibling discounts on registration.)

Description: Registration is due when athlete's paperwork is filled and decides they will continue with DE-Infinity’s services. The registration fee is a one-time payment per season.

Tiny Cheer and Tumbler Competitive Team (Seasonal Sibling Discount Applies).

*Seasonal Registration Fee-$40.00 (one-time Payment Per Season)

*Monthly Tuition-$80.00 Each Month

*Competition Package-$600.00 (Divided into monthly payments.)

        Competition Package is not included in monthly tuition. This package is for your child and your child only to cover cost for custom made uniform, sneakers, bow and competition performance fees. Please remember that DE-Infinity provides sponsorships and fundraising to keep cost at a minimum to you. We want all athletes to experience cheer and tumble without all the hefty cost that comes along the way with the sport. Contact us for more info.)

    The tiny cheer and tumble  competitive team is for boy and girl ages 3-6 years of age. They will learn the fundamentals of cheerleader, tumbling level one skills plus experience all star competitve performing. Classes-2 days weekly; Monday’s 6:00pm-7:00pm Tumbling/Cheer and Saturday‘s 10:00am-11:30am Cheer Fundmentals.  

Sibling discounts do apply if other sibling is on full All Star Cheer Competitive Team. (This includes Tiny athlete, Youth, Junior and Senior teams). Please ask us for discounted price. 

Monthly Tuition Cost For Siblings On Full All Star Team...

•Tiny athlete with sibling on All Star Youth, Junior, or Senior Team-$175.00 

       (That’s $110.00 for Youth, Junior and Senior sibling and $65.00 for Tiny athlete Sibling).

•2 Siblings on Tiny Competitive Team-$150.00

      (That’s $80.00 for first Tiny athlete and $70.00 for second Tiny athlete).

Competitive All Star Cheer and Tumble For Youth, Junior, and Senior Teams

*Seasonal Registration Fee - $40.00 (one time payment per season)

* $110.00 Monthly Tuition (Seasonal Contract/Sibling Discount Applies)

*Competition Package - $900.00 (Divided Into Monthly Payments)

*Up to $900.00 for Competition Seasonal Package (This Competition Seasonal Package is not included in the tuition cost. This cost is separate which provides uniform materials to compete and competition entry fees for your child to perform. This cost does not include travel cost. Seasonal competition package will be divided into monthly payments for your convenience. Final Payment must be paid by November 2019. Please remember that DE-Infinity provides sponsorships and fundraising to keep cost at a minimum to you. We want all athletes to experience cheer and tumble without all the hefty cost that comes along the way with the sport. Contact us for more info.)


    Monthly Tuition Cost for Siblings...

  • 1st Sibling- $110.00
  • 1st & 2nd Siblings Together- $190.00   {$110.00 for 1st sibling & $80.00 for 2nd sibling.}
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Siblings Altogether- $250.00    {$110.00 for 1st sibling, $80.00 for 2nd sibling & $60.00 for 3rd sibling.}

 Please Note: Sibling discounts apply only on tuition cost and not on seasonal competitive package.)

 Description: A parent may register their child anytime from now til Septemeber 2019 to compete on one of our all star competitive teams. All cheerleaders in this program will compete at the same locations but on their assigned team. The team chosen for your child depends on their age and skill set. Your child does not need experience to make a team. We will train. DE-Infinity will compete at 3 Delaware competitions and 2-3 competitions out of state. Travel distance will be short, meaning less than 2 hours one way.

Competitive Cheer requires 2-3 classes a week totaling up to 5-6 athlete hours weekly. When joining competitive cheer your athlete will receive the training in cheer basics 101, weekly tumbling class, seasonal competitive cheer package, and the ultimate all star cheer performing experience.

Also let's not forget your child will make life long friends, gain self confidence, coordination, fitness and so much more Being a part of the All Star Competitive team, one will have to purchase the competition seasonal package. This competitive package cost $900.00 which includes a yours-to-keep customized cheer uniform, customized cheer bow, warm-up suit, competition sneakers, makeup kit, competition fees, music fees, coaches fees and choreography. We do offer sponsorships and weekly fundraising to ensure cost is at minimum to you!!!

Tumble Classes

* $40.00 One-Time Seasonal Registration Fee

* $50.00 Monthly Tuition (Seasonal Contract)

   Please Note: Since our tumbling classes are very affordable we do not offer sibling discounts for this program.

Description: Our tumble classes are every Monday between 6pm-9pm depending on age and skill. Each tumbling class is an hour long. Tumbling levels we train....levels 1, 2, and 3. 

 •Tiny Tumblers-Ages 3-6 years of age.   

  Balance, coordination, body control,  

  forwards rolls, cartwheels, handstands and  back bends


  • Level One...Forward/Backwards Roll, Hand Stand, Cartwheel, Round Off, Back Bend, Bridges, Limbers, Tinsca, and Front/Back Walk Overs.
  • Level Two...All level one skills, Front/Back Handsprings, Block Cartwheels  and Bounders.
  • Level Three...All skills from levels One and Two, Punch Front, Back Tuck and Aerials.

Recreational Classes/Pay As You Go

* $40.00 Seasonal Registration Fee

* $15.00 Per 2 Hour Class 

(No Contract/Sibling Discounts Apply)

Description: Recreational classes are pay as you go and paid before each class begins. Athlete is welcome to choose the class to participate in whether its cheer or a tumble class on any Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Private Sessions

*$40.00 Seasonal Registration Fee

*$15.00 Per Session/No Contract/No Sibling Discount Applies

Description: Each private session will be held for 45mins. Athlete will have an DE-Infinity instructor's undivided attention. There will be no other athletes present during these sessions. These private classes offers no distractions to the athlete, one-on-one training, demonstration, and motivation on set skill being trained.

Summer All Star Cheer and Tumble Program

!!Register Now!!

Registration Seasonal Fee-$40.00

Monthly Tuition-$110.00

 Come join us during the summer months and  learn DE-Infinity’s way of cheer and tumble. Anyone may register at anytime. Summer months are  from the time you register your child til August 29, 2019. Depending your child’s age will determine their days of class. Classes aren’t mandatory. If you need to miss class for vacations, events, or just because it’s ok; your welcome too. 


    •Ages: 5-10~Monday (tumbling) 6pm-7pm, Tuesday (Cheer Fundamental) 6pm-8pm, Sunday (Cheer/Tumble) 1-4pm. 

    •Ages: 11 On Up~Monday (tumbling) 7-8pm, Thursday (Cheer Fundamentals) 6pm-8pm and Sunday’s (Cheer/Tumble) 1pm-4pm. I