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Now Enrolling New Athlete’s. Ages 3-17! No Experience Necessary!

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 Christina Rice, owner/head coach, has much experience in the cheerleading industry by being a mascot, varsity cheer competitor, sideline cheerleader at football games, all star cheer and as a cheer and tumble instructor. Christina’s main position as a cheerleader was being the main base throughout stunts and being the front and center performer in routines.  This is something she had enjoyed throughout life so she decided when she couldn’t cheer anymore due to age she would coach others to become a amazing cheer and tumble athlete. In 2017, Christina decide to create her own competitve cheer and tumble team with the promise to each athlete that they would be able to recieve the full benefits of an all star cheerleader without finances burdening their dreams. Christina’s programs will give all athletes the opportunities to cheer with or without previous experience, top notch training by certified coaching staff, compete in a division that shows athletes capability and skill, and provide the full all star experience. 

Our Teams


Welcome to DE-Infinity All Star Cheer and Tumble. Being part of one of our AllStar Cheer Teams has many benefits beyond learning cheer fundamentals. Athletes learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and how to win with class and how to lose with dignity. 

All athletes gain a sense of belonging and commitment to team members, friendships that last a lifetime, problem  solving capabilities, social skills, and a respect for rules and authority.

When athletes achieve their goals at practice or competition, it teaches them that they can achieve any goal they set later in life, achieving goals helps boost self-esteem and build confidence in our athletes.

Let's not forget about the health benefits of cheerleading;  improved coordination and balance, reduced risk of obesity, improved sleep, builds strength and endurance, many students do better academically from regular exercise.

DE-Infinity will build great citizens, one athlete at a time.

Competition & Performances


In 2017 DE-Infinity was introduced to Delaware's all star cheer and tumble community. While we were training and prepping for our main purpose, Delaware all star cheer competitions, Eternal Stars practiced performing at local parades and events. Once ready and confident, DE-Infinity's team Eternal Stars competed in six DCCA's cheer and tumble competitions in the Junior Level One division. In All DCCA competitions Eternal Stars won 1st place against their competitors. During their 5th DCCA competition, Eternal Stars won Grand Champions out of 17 competed teams that day; which includes all division levels 1-4. Eternal Stars also brought won best performed stunts and best performed jumps. During one out six Competitions, a Event Producer created a challenge for each participating team. The challenge was, "Who can hold the longest full extension?" We won 1st out of 5 challenged groups. At our final DCCA competition we've attended State Championships. Eternal Stars competed hitting in the high range scoring system, zero deductions and won State Champions in our division. 

During our second season we grew and had 2 competitive teams; Youth level one-Eternal Stars and Senior level one Eternal Flames. Both teams won multiple first and second place against their competitors. We also won best stunts for the second year in a row. Overall, we had a very exciting and successful 2 years. We are looking forward to having another upcoming season introducing new teams; tiny, youth, junior and senior. Please stay tune. 


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